Control Systems


EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System) is a control system framework proven in the large-scale science facilities around the world and can be configured to match custom needs.


Continuous Integration, Automation Tools and Agile Methodologies are used in Software Development.


Simulators for the Devices/Instruments are developed in Python Framework to allow risk-free testing of Control Software.

User Interface

Web-based User Interface is developed to Control Laser System in a highly interactive way.

Software Control Group

Software Control Group develops and maintain control software for high-power laser facilities. The team works in close collaboration with the Central Laser Facility (CLF) in the UK, to build control systems for the new Extreme Photonics Applications Centre (EPAC) and to support research on existing CLF laser systems.

EPAC control systems will be based on EPICS, which are reliable, scalable, and sophisticated enough to support complex experimental requirements. In addition to this, the interface provided to users will be easy to use, intuitive, but gives full control over any of the hardware parameters required.

Work is currently ongoing to develop the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that are available across multiple platforms. The end results will be elegant, user-friendly screens that are accessible from Windows, Linux, Mobile applications or in a web browser.

Graphical User Interface of Cryogenic system deployed in Laser particle accelerator

Graphical User Interface of the Laser beam captured by camera